Renewable Power Generation (RPG 2022) Meeting net zero carbon

The 11th International Conference on Renewable Power Generation

22 - 23 September 2022 | IET London: Savoy Place

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Climate change is real and we need to act urgently. Renewables are key on the road to a net zero future, but many challenges remain: scale-up, cost reduction, system operation with close to 100% renewables.

That’s where you come in. The contribution you make through your research and innovation takes us one step closer to meeting the ambitious targets and deadlines demanded to reach a net zero future. Having your research published will get you noticed and give your profile a lift. RPG 2022 is essential to your career! Submit now.

About the event

Katherine Jackson

Conference Chair, Katherine Jackson, welcomes you to Renewable Power Generation 2022, taking place in September 2022.

It will bring together international academics, researchers, engineers and consultants working in renewable energy, to review the latest technical developments, share knowledge and forge new partnerships.

RPG 2022 will also consider the role of renewables in a net zero future, and the innovations needed to overcome challenges, including resource scarcity, continued scale up, efficiency improvements, cost reductions, embedded carbon reductions and power system planning and operation with close to 100% renewables.

RPG 2022 will take place in London UK, an island power system, with a rapidly increasing share of renewable energy, a net zero by 2050 commitment and ambitious offshore wind targets.