Author information

Key dates

Presentation submission deadline - 1 February 2021

What you need to do

  • For orals, 10 minutes pre-recorded presentation, with mp4 video emailed to
  • For posters create a PDF poster to be uploaded to the presentation platform, the system will open for upload the w/c 18 January 2021, you will receive an email from the system with full details on how to upload your content

Video presentation instructions

Submission deadline: 1 February 2021

  • Each video should be up to 10 mins long, we recommend you create your presentation in PowerPoint
  • Ensure your pre-recorded videos do not exceed the technical specifications of 720p resolution and 2Mbps bitrate
  • Pre-recorded video to be emailed to, If you do not email your video by 1 February 2021, your paper will not be published

Video presentation guidelines/top tips

When completing your presentation please ensure you consider the following:

  • Video’s that are too long are likely to lose the interest of the viewer, 10 mins is the max length, if longer than this you will be required to edit the presentation to the required length
  • Try to make the video as interesting as possible, things like incorporating slides, recording in your lab/workspace, different backgrounds, demonstrations etc will ensure the engagement and attention of the audience
  • If you are showing figures or digital drawings, please ensure they are of a high enough quality to be readable on screen
  • If you include yourself in the pre-recording, try to talk into the camera as if talking to the audience, looking down or away too much will lose their attention or distract them from what you are saying
  • Present the relevant information in the clearest way possible. Practise what you are going to say or have bullet points on note cards so you don’t go off track
  • All presentations must NOT contain any inappropriate content including but not limited to language and imagery. Anything uploaded that contains anything deemed inappropriate will be removed without warning and your paper will not be published
  • Videos should be in file format mp4.

Poster presentation instructions

Submission deadline: 1 February 2021

  • It is your responsibility to upload the PDF poster to the presentation platform. If you do not upload a poster by 1 February 2021, your paper will not be published
  • All posters will be available for delegates to view 1 week prior to the first day of the virtual conference
  • Delegates will be able to post questions on the platform; it is your responsibility to log onto the platform and answer any questions being asked by delegates. We will not share contact details of anyone, but you are free to exchange details privately if you wish to communicate in an alternative way

Poster presentation guidelines/top tips

  • A poster presentation template [PDF, 128KB] is available for download. We recommend you create your poster in PowerPoint
  • Posters should be portrait
  • Make the most of the fact the poster is digital e.g. animation, interaction
  • Diagrams, graphs and text should be clear
  • Use colour to emphasise important features
  • Inserting scanned handwritten diagrams is NOT recommended
  • The display should be visually appealing to attract an audience and should contain the essence of your paper in a form that is easy to understand
  • The poster can contain visuals that were not present in your paper
  • The poster display is important. It is recommended that as much time and effort with its preparation as you did with your written paper
  • Posters should be in PDF file format