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Technical scope

Wind technology

    • Sensors and condition monitoring
    • Floating wind turbines
    • Foundations for offshore wind turbines
    • Offshore platforms and foundations for offshore transmission systems
    • Offshore cable systems for array and grid connection systems
    • Smart strategies for wind power plant operation
    • Wind power plant design and wake effects
    • Wind power plant modelling and control
    • Extending wind plant life
    • Operations and maintenance

PV systems technology

    • PV system design and performance
    • Power conversion and grid interaction
    • MPPT algorithms
    • Integration of PV into buildings and infrastructure
    • O&M and condition monitoring
    • Lifetime and reliability, including ageing effects

Battery and energy storage systems (BESS)

Other renewable energy sources

    • Geothermal power generation
    • Wave and tidal energy
    • Solar thermal power generation
    • Power generation from biomass
    • Hybrid systems combining multiple energy sources, with or without storage
    • Hydro Power Technology
    • Green Hydrogen

Grid integration, technologies, compliance and assessments

    • Low inertial power system operation, management and planning
    • Generator protection and resilience
    • Power quality
    • Grid-forming inverters and future grid code requirements
    • Ancillary services from renewable energy generation
    • HVDC for renewable power integration
    • Demand side management
    • Energy storage for integration
    • Alternative transmission systems - low-frequency transmission, GIL, etc.
    • Long-term infrastructure planning and investment
    • Impact of distributed generation, demand response and storage on distribution systems
    • Economic, social and environmental policy aspects
    • DC/DC conversion and DC distribution systems

IT and automation integration

    • Compliance with system security and quality standards
    • IT security technologies and requirements for power systems
    • Digitalised solutions for renewables integration
    • Interoperability of multi-owner IT and automation systems
    • Scalability of IT and automation systems for renewable integration

Renewable energy policy and market integration

    • New market designs and operation
    • Renewable energy forecasting
    • Encouraging flexibility in generation and demand

Alternative ways for integration

    • Multi-carrier energy systems integration for high shares of renewables
    • New energy storage solutions
    • Microgrids with renewable energy sources